CREATIVITY · INNOVATION · SKY-HIGH Amazing is in the Air. As we take Photography and Cinematography to New Heights.

Anywhere We Fly

Choosy is not part of our vocabulary. We'd love to be part of your stand-out success, be it in your commercial, industrial or bridal videography and photography needs, anywhere in the country. We even redefine the concept of office hours and spaces as we fly day and night just to complete your chosen mission. Ideally, we can work too with your team of professional videographers and production staff to deliver shots that they can integrate in your audio and visual productions.

Safely We Fly

We are fearless because we are prepared. We value our team of talented and professional pilots who'll reach the sky for you. Thus, we use aviation meteorological reports to determine weather standards and airtime conditions. We respect nature's limits and understand the need to adjust accordingly to avoid any casualties.

Fantastic We Fly

Fantastic results are born from regularly maintaining and consistently checking equipment and gadgets for faults and ensuring perfect working condition. We maintain our drones as if we maintain a real life aircraft. With amazing aerial footage, you'll have more than detailed, never-before-seen perspectives-you'll have the most stand-out memories that will seal the most impressive impressions.

Think Creativity. Think Innovation. Think Sky-high.
Then think again, because with us,
Sky is not yet the limit.
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700 Size Helicopter


1300mm diameter octocopter


Xugong 10
ImmersionRC Xugong10 quadcopter


2.6 Meter Wingspan with a 2-5 hours endurance UAV

Our expertise can only come from years of piloting, continuous training and capturing amazing visual details in the air; we carry with us a flying vision, bound with an outstanding degree of professionalism, expertise and precision.

Don Bosco Human Logo Formation

Clearskies Aerial Robotics Services congratulates Don Bosco Technical College on their 60th anniversary and their first Human Logo Formation.

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Great Heritage

Great Heritage

In partnership with RedAnts Media, Inc. No Post Stabilization. Aerial shots from Multi-rotor (Octo)

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Anilao, Batangas

Anilao, Batangas

Behind the scenes: AVP/TVC Anilao Aerial Shoot No Post Stabilization. Aerial shots from Multi-rotor (Octo)

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2nd Leg Ducati Cup 2013 Philippines

2nd Leg Ducati Cup 2013 Philippines

In cooperation with Ducati Philippines and Favis Innovations

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Miss World Philippines 2013

Miss World Philippines 2013

TV Bumpers for Miss World Philippines 2013. Aired last Aug. 18, 2013

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We fly to be the best aerial photo and video specialist in the country, who can lift the limits to capturing breathtaking moments, scenes
and views from the top.
Aerial Photo/Video
Want to go beyond the traditional camera cranes? Then let's embrace creativity and think sky-high! Ideal for AVP, commercials, corporate events, personal events, marketing materials.
Aerial Virtual Tour
In partnership with ExSight360, our aerial 360 service gives you a magnificent 360-degree view of a site for a panoramic virtual tour.
Click here for a sneak peak.
Aerial Survey / Mapping
Let us help you save your time and money by surveying your project from the air in a wide range of areas from emergency response to environmental and engineering activities.
Flight Crew Management
Ideal for existing Drone/UAS operators and need extra Flight Crew to Operate their fleet. We can provide Drone/UAS Pilots for Fixed-wing, Rotor-Wing, Multi-rotor operations.
Sensors & Payload Integration
Through strategic partnership, we can help you customize and integrate various sensor payloads into your Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).
Click here for a sneak peak of "Project Kwago".
The drones market is exploding - it is projected to be a $6Bln industry by 2020. Clearskies, Inc. provides drone services and work closely with our customers to customize a solution by building our own software and hardware. Clearskies, Inc.'s drones can safely work autonomously with or without an operator. We are the first in Philippines to do so.

Our entry to 2016 UAE's Drone For Good Awards that made it to the top 10 out of 1017 applications from 165 countries

Kwago is a Search and Rescue drone specializing in night operations. It is an app-based system equipped with a thermal imaging camera to detect heat signatures from the ground. It also has other features like pattern recognition, auto take-off and landing, collision avoidance, sonars, ads-b system, etc.